Monday, February 10, 2020

Le corbusier Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Le corbusier - Research Paper Example During his life, he received two prestigious awards for his immense development of human life housing standards (Gans 12). He greatly, influenced urbanization in France through his designs that were used to house important departments for the French government. Moreover, he helped curb the increase of slum dwellings through the designing of ultra modern houses of improved standards (Corbusier 9). He died in August 27, 1965 at the age of seventy-seven after taking a swim at the Mediterranean Sea due to a presumed heart attack. This paper will take a broad look into Le Corbusier history, his remarkable work, and his unique architectural style. It will, also cite his most important architectural works that are used as points of reference in today’s house designing field. Le Corbusier initial publications were in French leading to the publication of the first English translation in 1927 by British author Fredrick Etchells. According to, Etchells mass and volume were relatively the same, which was not the case in the original French version of the book. His linguistic style was also desirable, as his choice of words to describe his designs was difficult to paraphrase even to well educate scholars (Wogenscky 54). Arguably, his designs drew inspiration from nature and the environment at large to bring out its unique characteristics. They involved the use of indefinite shapes and sizes to strike an amazing balance of design. His journals were instrumental in the facilitation of acknowledgement of integral architectural reforms. Initially, he kept his work to himself but after gaining exposure through mingling with other established artists, he saw the need to venture into it commercially. In the end, his expansion took a slow turn due to the hefty financial burden imposed on him. His book collection was on drawings and journals that he had done through his traversing of Europe. Subsequently, he was a prophet in the architectural world as his designs are visible in today’s structures. In other words, he foretold the building of the more than one storey building. In addition, this great architect took notice in the work of engineers who built bridges that connected one area to another. In relation to his designs, the people of the lower class would have a better quality of life through living in better-built homes. Controversially, he disregarded The Gare d’Orsay and the Grand Palais buildings on grounds of them not being recognizable architecture (Corbusier 13). In his words, Paris was becoming wasteland architecture wise. Comparisons what he used to describe his pieces as at some point he compared houses to ocean liners as the only difference between the two would be that one is mobile while the other is not. This led to the invention a staircase design borrowed from the ocean liners concept of access. In many of his journals, he exhibited his keen eye in visualizing houses to other objects for example airplanes. He cited the airplanes ability to stay in the air and its mobility at the same time. This is where he decided to use the concept of suspension from the ground for his designs. In that, possibilities were right before people’s eyes but it was hard for them to read the lines. Over the years, his work was the backbone in the building of many town structures. Essentially, the establishment of various cultural heritage sites in his honor was inevitable due to his contribution to modernization. To date, there are

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